It all began twenty years ago whilst studying for a photography degree in Birmingham when Iain came to realise that crafting images in a novel way made him happy and if he could get serious and keep on a steady course then perhaps there could be a career in it. Jump ten years into the future and Iain would find himself already well versed in self-employment, gregariously booting-it around the country fulfilling briefs for magazines, international manufacturers, fashion labels and restaurant chains.

The last few years have been a little more ‘down to earth’ which has been a God-send for this now grown up and ‘all together’ calmer family man. Iain is happiest when planning his next well-orchestrated shoot for one of many repeat-customers. As a small team we regularly produce creative pack-shots for our clients using unusual techniques such as light trails or frozen motion. We also take time to photograph garments which are first steamed and pinned into shape before we employ ghost-mannequin, ghost modelling techniques. This is when the garment appears to be floating and is a perfect way to see the shape and flow of a piece.

Let’s be honest now, not all products come out of the box looking as they should which is why a professional photographer can create a much more pleasing image through using well practised ‘tricks of the trade’ along with honed lighting skills and retouching. Why attempt to get an average image yourself through many hours of ‘trial an error’ whilst also splashing out on some temperamental kit, when for a modest budget you can let IR product photography come up with something stunning , accurate and memorable.

Food photography is a profession within a profession. Luckily, Iain has the experience and the belly-paunch to prove that shooting food is his delight. Along with his trusty stylist they can make the most humble of morsel look like a work of art, so whether you produce or provide anything culinary just give IR product photography a call today. The glowing reviews we have received on FreeIndex can only corroborate this claim – please take a moment to read about us under IR Product Photography Huddersfield.

Architecture and interior photography is a specialism that cannot be taken lightly. It requires specific lenses and lighting in order to get the credit worthy results you see in some of these images. Daylight can be used to great effect when mixed with other forms of white light such as the beautifully realistic Arri HMI lighting Iain tends to use on location. Any piece of furniture of soft furnishing can then be shot within an interior that is correctly lit and styled. These shots are greatly enhanced by a photographer who has paid as much attention to the setting as to the subject.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Iain for a chat about how to get the best results out of the interior design-driven shoot you have in mind.

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